ASSETMAX is the most complete and flexible software platform for Independent Asset Managers.

ASSETMAX includes everything you need to simplify your work, from front to back. Advanced portfolio management, regulation-focused compliance and CRM, sophisticated risk management, compensation calculation, bank commissions control and flexible reporting are only a part of the innovative features and cutting-edge technology that will help you:

Fully featured
portfolio management
Finance automation.
  • Multi-bank capable,
    with electronic link
    to all major swiss banks
  • Advanced reporting
    with visual designer
    and several components
    out of the box
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Portfolio Consolidation
  • Portfolio Reconciliation
  • Financial Datawarehouse
  • MIFID II / FIDLEG – compatible
  • Document management
  • Investment restrictions
    and controlling
  • Audit reports
    and audit log
  • AML documentation,
    FoF checks
  • Invoicing
  • Profitability analysis
  • Stamp duty calculation
  • Retrocessions calculation
  • Compensation calculation

With Assetmax you will:

  • Streamline your existing workflow and reduce mistakes
  • Simplify compliance and risk management
  • Manage any bespoke portfolio more efficiently
  • Analyze your revenues and decrease costs
  • Think about your clients instead of administration


ASSETMAX was created by professionals with decades of direct hands-on experience, frustrated about the existing systems, which barely helped in managing portfolios while completely ignoring the profound changes that afflicted the financial industry and completely modified the way IAMs must operate.

In fact, today most IAMs find themselves:

  • overwhelmed by the increasing complexity and cost of compliance, including incompatibility with their existing systems
  • frustrated by the necessity to use several separate systems to keep track of critical information like client documentation, portfolios, orders, retrocessions, invoicing, variable compensation for employees, etc.
  • worried about rapidly raising costs and declining margins
  • unprepared to face the new generation of clients demanding greater transparency with detailed information about costs, risk and performance
  • unable to cope with the growing challenges of operational compliance
  • forced to rely on improvised procedures and workflows, leading to costly mistakes and inefficiencies
  • depressed by the need to spend most of their precious time handling repetitive functions
  • unable to maintain their unique, client-centric approach while growing the client base

In fact, without a powerful software solution it has become virtually impossible to service clients, generate performance and run a business all at the same time.


That’s why ASSETMAX was created from scratch to encompass all of the core activities into a single integrated solution. It was designed together by independent asset managers (not bankers!), client advisers, assistants, portfolio managers and IT experts to handle all of these areas seamlessly, minimizing mistakes and maximizing efficiency.

IAMs choose ASSETMAX because we are so much different:

  • Our solution is designed around the vast experience of real-world professionals in the relevant fields in primary financial places, not by IT engineers in exotic locations helped by retired bankers
  • We work closely with real compliance experts in our clients’ jurisdictions to integrate what’s needed reliably and quickly
  • We work closely with users to add and optimize features in a short development cycle
  • We use cutting edge technology that pushes us forward, rather than being dragged back by obsolete, inflexible frameworks
  • We adopt the most serious approach to data confidentiality allowing for zero compromises
  • All clients benefit from important new features without additional fees
  • Clients enjoy a simple subscription plan from which they can exit anytime at no cost
  • Assetmax is simple to set up and doesn’t require large investments in third-party licences and hardware
  • Our solution can track relevant changes and offers detailed reports to facilitate inspections by auditors and regulators
  • We take the time to truly understand our clients’ goals and ensure that the system will help them rather than confuse them
  • Users are always 100% in control of their data

We’ll be happy to answer any questions and to organize a risk-free demonstration.

Just give us a call at +41 44 251 00 80 or write to