We take great care in keeping Assetmax up-to-date to the latest standards and beyond. This ongoing process is possible thanks to our partnership with recognized market leaders:

Investment Navigator: Suitability

Investment Navigator is the go-to address for investment suitability services and advisory intelligence.

Cross-border and product suitability assessments are provided based on regulatory, tax and product-specific information and rules. Assetmax is the first platform for independent asset managers which can offer the integration of the tailored „Investment Navigator for FIMs” solution to mutual clients.

BRP SA: regulation standards

BRP SA, Geneva, is market leader in regulatory products and advisory.

BRP’s country manuals can be integrated into Assetmax.


CDDS is a Luxembourg-based market leader in AML solutions.

Assetmax can use CDDS name matching database to perform PEP / risk individual searches. Furthermore, all AML-relevant data (transactions, mandate and nominative details) can be exported to CDDS for additional processing through CDDS’s AML system.

Geissbühler Weber & Partner: compliance

Geissbühler Weber & Partner provides clients with support both in solving specific regulatory issues as well as complete solutions, from planning and implementation all the way to the follow-up guidance.

Geissbühler Weber & Partner exclusively designed for Assetmax a regulatory package containing forms (KYC, AML, IP) and on boarding validation procedures.

SIX: market data

SIX Financial Information is one of the leading providers of financial information in Europe.

Assetmax can leverage all information delivered by SIX thanks to its integration with both VDF and ApiD interfaces.

Ullink: Electronic Trading Solutions

Ullink provides global, market leading multi-asset trading technology and infrastructure for buy-side and sell-side market participants. Trusted by the world’s top-tier banks, brokers and trading venues, Ullink provides consistent, reliable access to the most current and innovative trading solutions available.