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We help our customers improve efficiency and implement regulation since 2015.
Our customers manage daily more than 30Bn assets on Assetmax.

Find out why many wealth and asset managers trust Assetmax for their daily operations.


Assetmax is an integrated software platform offering four main functionality modules.

Compliance & Regulation

Strong focus on FIDLEG, MiFID II and AML. Content exclusively designed by Geissbühler Weber & Partner AG.

Compliance & Regulation

Portfolio Management

Multi-custodian portfolio management and consolidation with optional backoffice outsourcing.

Portfolio Management

Front Office

Client on boarding and communication, reporting, branded end-client portal, tablet client.

Front Office

Fees & Profitability

Fees calculation, invoicing, retrocessions, profitability analysis.

Fees & Profitability

Compliance & Regulation

Compliance configuration package by GWP.

Validated on boarding workflow.

FIDLEG, MiFID II, cross border, AML checks.

Document management.

Worldcheck / CDDS integration.

Auditing log.

Strong data encryption.

Portfolio Management

Multi custodian consolidation.

Electronic data download (more than 40 banks).

Straight-through processing via FIX.

Automatic restrictions check.

Model based rebalancing.

Non Bankables.

Backoffice outsourcing (optional).

Front Office

Customizable reporting, with graphical editor.

Interactive dashboard with portfolio data.

MiFID II contact form and advisory checks.

Tablet client.

End client portal (with branding).

Fees & Profitability

Management and performance fee calculation and invoicing.

Compensation calculation.

Retrocession calculation and controlling.

Cost reporting.

Stamp duty calculation.

Profitability analysis at many levels.

Backoffice Outsourcing Services

Our swiss-based backoffice outsourcing service relieves our customers from daily operations complexities and delivers quality-proven data.


Our outsourcing facilities are located in Switzerland. We are committed to deliver Swiss quality services.

Highly Automated

Our processes are highly automated to guarantee the best efficiency, transparency and quality.

Service Level Agreement

All processes are regulated by a clearly stated SLA.

FIDLEG, MiFID II and Regulation

Assetmax is ready for FIDLEG and MiFID II. We designed our regulation functionality together with Geissbühler Weber & Partner AG, the specialist for compliance.

Forms package by GWP: KYC, IP, AML

Download of investment documents (KID, KIID)

Cross border checks with Indigita (BRP SA)

Product suitability with Investment Navigator

PRC calculation

Loss and Risk tolerance checks

Knowledge and experience check

Contact protocol

Ex-ante cost proposal

Loss reporting

Call recording

Assetmax AG

Assetmax AG is the Swiss based company behind Assetmax. Assetmax AG has been founded in 2013 and employs more than 20 people in R&D, Backoffice, Business Development and On Boarding projects. Assetmax AG is among the fastest growing companies in the Swiss service sector for independent asset managers.

Assetmax AG is owned by the founding partners. A minority stake is owned by Innovationsstiftung der SZKB, Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital Ltd., and Paul E. Sevinç (Doodle co-founder).

Our Management


Massimo Ferrari, CEO


Sven Müller, Backoffice


Manuela Vielmi, Business Analysis


Yuval Sharon, VP Engineering

Our Main Partners

Synpulse and ETOPs help us implementing new customer setups and client-specific projects or customizations.


Geissbühler Weber & Partner (GWP) maintains our exclusive compliance package. Our customers automatically get all necessary updates. To optionally outsource compliance services we work with both GWP and SwissComply.


SIX Financials delivers the most complete instruments, documents and regulatory database. Assetmax is connected to SIX through the same interface used by Banks and has thus access to the whole SIX database.


Contact Us

+41 (0)44 251 00 80

Zürich office

Assetmax AG, Talstrasse 25, 8001 Zürich

+41 (0)44 508 72 98

Lugano office

Assetmax AG, Via S. Balestra 22A, 6900 Lugano

+41 (0)44 251 00 80