About Assetmax AG

Assetmax was founded in 2013 by expert practitioners in wealth management, asset management and IT. Assetmax employs more than 30 specialists in its offices in Lugano and Zurich and serves 60 clients (independent asset managers, family offices, institutionals and banks).

Our mission is to design the most complete, modern and intuitive software platform for wealth managers. We relieve our clients from repetitive, automatable work. We help our clients stay up to date with technological and regulatory changes.


Assetmax is owned by its founders and has the support of three awesome shareholders.

Our Team

Our success is the result of the tireless commitment of our talented and motivated team.
Our specialists are organized in four main teams: Support, Software Development, Client Services and Backoffice (outsourcing).

Abdufarrukh Abdumalikov
Abdufarrukh AbdumalikovSoftware Developer
Alessio -Middleware- Villa
Alessio -Middleware- VillaSoftware Developer
Alexander -AI Search- Camenzind
Alexander -AI Search- CamenzindSoftware Developer
Andrea Baiocco
Andrea BaioccoHead Backoffice
Alfonso -Fonzie- Scoppetta
Alfonso -Fonzie- ScoppettaSoftware Developer
Andrea -Computer- Lepori
Andrea -Computer- LeporiDevOp
Andrea -F1- Pistocchini
Andrea -F1- PistocchiniSoftware Developer
Cinzia Colombini
Cinzia ColombiniClient Services
Daniele -Kubernetes- Zampollo
Daniele -Kubernetes- ZampolloHead DevOp
David -Coding Ninja- Hwang
David -Coding Ninja- HwangSoftware Developer
Debora -Library- Caronzolo
Debora -Library- CaronzoloClient Services
Dimitri Petruschenko
Dimitri PetruschenkoHead Client Services
Ellen -Tango- Bruen
Ellen -Tango- BruenClient Services
Eneida Frroku
Eneida FrrokuBackoffice
Eric -Fractal- Obermuhlner
Eric -Fractal- ObermuhlnerSoftware Developer
Fabio -Camaro- Bertocchi
Fabio -Camaro- BertocchiSupport
Ivo Blatter
Ivo BlatterSupport
Jacopo -Telescope- Malnati
Jacopo -Telescope- MalnatiHead Engineering
Luca -Tower- Heer
Luca -Tower- HeerClient Services
Manuela -Bike- Vielmi
Manuela -Bike- VielmiClient Services
Marco -Ambrí- Mozzini
Marco -Ambrí- MozziniHead Support
Massimo -Mapo- Ferrari
Massimo -Mapo- FerrariCEO, co-founder
Marc -Quant- Frommenwiler
Marc -Quant- FrommenwilerQuant Developer
Michael -Libero- Frey
Michael -Libero- FreyBackoffice
Nadav -Sherpa- Sharon
Nadav -Sherpa- SharonBackoffice
Omri -Kuki- Sharon
Omri -Kuki- SharonBackoffice
Piero -Harley- Sigo
Piero -Harley- SigoBackoffice
Ramiz Ibrahimovic
Ramiz IbrahimovicClient Services
Raphael -Sonny boy- Schapfel
Raphael -Sonny boy- SchapfelSoftware Developer
Robert -Reporting- Aalderink
Robert -Reporting- AalderinkReporting
Serge -Process- Garazi
Serge -Process- GaraziCOO
Sven -Rammstein- Müller
Sven -Rammstein- MüllerCFO, co-founder
Tizian -Green Thumb- Fumagalli
Tizian -Green Thumb- FumagalliBackoffice
Yotam -Zen- Sharon
Yotam -Zen- SharonSoftware Developer
Yuval -Drum- Sharon
Yuval -Drum- SharonTechnical Lead, co-founder