Assetmax: wealth management platform

Assetmax is a powerful integrated software platform designed to streamline the main business processes of every wealth managers: portfolio management, compliance and client data management, invoicing and reporting. Assetmax is web based, can be installed on premise or in the cloud.

  • Fully featured: comprehensive, sophisticated and integrated software solution. Web based, can be installed on premise or in the cloud.
  • Efficient: most complete link based multi custody solution in CH.

  • Trusted: used by satisfied independent asset managers of all sizes and complexities and banks since 2016.

  • Extensible: integrated with third party solutions and programmable through APIs.

Compliance and Client Data

Organize all client documents and sensitive information. Handle compliance efficiently, with tools designed by specialists such as Geissbühler Weber & Partner AG.

Use the configurable on boarding workflow with support for MiFID II and FIDLEG and automatic PEP verification (Worldcheck). Perform AML checks.

Data is audited and versioned, strongly encrypted and treated with respect to the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection and EU GDPR.

Portfolio Management

Easily view and manage portfolios of any kind and complexity.

Use our powerful multi custody consolidation, send transactions via FIX, automatically checks for restrictions, rebalance portfolios to their models, add non bankables, calculate performance contribution and attribution, analyze risk figures.

Fees and Profitability

Define management and performance fee models, generate single or consolidated invoices, calculate RM’s and intermediaries compensation, calculate retrocessions, monitor fee payments from banks, calculate stamp duty, generate cost reports and analyze client profitability.

Reporting and Designer

Reports are a fundamental communication mean and must reflect the uniqueness of the wealth manager’s service. To transmit this uniqueness, our reporting engine allows an unmatched customization of report templates to graphically distinguish your company.

Adapts your reports, invoices and letters online with our unique report designer. Let a professional graphic designer define templates and implement them pixel perfect in assetmax. Print reports in EN, DE, IT, FR, ES, RU or provide other translations.

Simplified access to assetmax’s data

On top of the professional web application, it is possible to access assetmax data through additional clients.

end client portal

Allow end clients to access their consolidated wealth information online.

Branded end-client portal to match your corporate identity. Secure access to portfolios, performance, exposure, maturities and reports. Secure mail communication channel to exchange information with the end client.

smartphone client

Check important portfolio information on the go with the mobile application.

Branded smartphone client to match your corporate identity. Secure access to portfolios, performance, exposure, maturities and reports. Available for both assetmax users and end clients.

excel addin

Download data directly in excel without opening the web application.

Excel addin to download portfolios, positions, transactions, time series.

Assetmax improves the business efficiency by digitizing two main processes, here explained.

Portfolio Management Process

Assetmax digitizes the portfolio management process by:

  • loading and cleaning data from custodian banks and financial data providers,
  • consolidating, rebalancing, managing order for portfolios,
  • generating invoices for fees and expenses and calculating profitability,
  • preparing fully customized reports,
  • monitoring restrictions and other contractual or non-contractual limits.

Client Management Process

Assetmax digitizes the client management process by:

  • defining digital forms (e.g. KYC, Investment Proposal) which are validated, audited and historicized,
  • saving documents and revisions in a document management system,
  • organizing data collection in workflows (e.g. onboarding), with clear steps and roles,
  • offering regulation-aware recording of client interaction and restriction checks (MiFID and FIDLEG suitability, appropriateness),
  • generating invoices for fees and expenses and calculating profitability.