Assetmax offers a set of additional services to allow our clients to reach their goals.

Implementation service

The adoption of a wealth management platform is a project which involves and potentially changes the entire company.
In this context, it is important to avoid a classic pitfall trying to adapt the product to the own internal processes (rather than the other way around).

Although assetmax is very configurable, it is highly recommended to challenge and adapt as much as possible the internal workflows to the business process defined by assetmax. This is necessary to reach the highest possible efficiency, which in the end, is the most important goal of digitization through a software platform.

Our implementation team and partners help our clients step by step by analyzing processes, changing workflows, configuring and initializing the system and training users.

Data management service

Assetmax is a data rich platform which requires clean information to deliver the highest possible quality output, like our detailed performance contribution calculation, which is one of the most detailed available in the market.

Assetmax automatically detects and, when possible, automatically corrects, enriches and normalizes data before it is loaded into the platform. Unfortunately, the missing standardization of banking links inevitably leads to heterogeneous information delivery which at times cannot be automatically interpreted. As an example, banks can deliver corporate actions information in irreconcilable formats. Manual intervention is then inevitable.

Assetmax and its partners offer data management services to free the client from this repetitive as much as complex daily job required to ensure the best data quality.

Assetmax’s unique approach consists in a precise transaction-based reconciliation (most of the service provider reconcile positions only) meaning that each single portfolio flow (be it a an expense, a security, a tax charge, …) is checked and reconciled to make sure that its P&L impact on the portfolio can be properly calculated.

Support service

Our support team helps our customers  to take full advantage of assetmax’s comprehensive functionality.


The assetmax platform is continuously evolving and improving. New functionality is added regularly according to our client’s feedback and needs. To keep our users up-to-date, we offer regular training sessions at our premises.

To refresh the assetmax knowledge or to instruct new users, we offer on site, customized training sessions together with our partner Synpulse.

Please note that the implementation project always include a training session.